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Your Definitive Guide to Moorcroft Pottery and the History behind it

“Moorcroft is one of the most important names in the history of British art and studio pottery, representing as it does an unbroken line of production that reaches back over a century to 1897. Throughout this period collectors all over the world have enjoyed the characteristic style and colours of Moorcorft Pottery and today both the decorative wares of the past and the new ranges in production at the factory are highly sought after.”
  so says……Paul Atterbury:                         
A Guide to Moorcroft Pottery
Here are some interesting facts:





Moorcroft-Persian Design



Below is a very small selection of Moorcroft Pottery that is available today. For the items you are particularly interested in go to the menu on the left

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Small Moorcroft footed dish a/f
  • Current Price: £10.00
  • Ends: Dec 12, 2018 19:45:20 UTC
  • Current Price: £22.00
  • Ends: Dec 12, 2018 19:14:47 UTC
Boxed William Moorcroft Chocolate Cosmos vase by Rachel Bishop
  • Current Price: £150.00
  • Ends: Dec 12, 2018 22:07:45 UTC
Rare 1991 6" Moorcroft Ginger Jar With Rose 1st Quality
  • Current Price: £384.99
  • Ends: Dec 12, 2018 19:54:00 UTC
Moorcroft Special Events Rough Hawks Beard Vase
  • Current Price: £128.00
  • Ends: Dec 12, 2018 20:31:32 UTC