Moorcroft Designers



It is interesting to note that from 1913, when the Company was founded, to 1993 Moorcroft had only had four Designers.

In 1913 William Moorcroft, Founder (together with Liberty’s of London) and Director of the Company, had already become world renowned as a Designer and had won several medals for his pottery designs.  In the early years he had sole responsibility for design and production within the Company.
Walter, William’s son came into the business in 1935 when he was 17 years of age and learned everything he knew about pottery and design from his Father. 
Just 10 years later William died and Walter took over the control of the Company.  He continued in his father’s footsteps as Designer. He continued in this role until 1984.   
Following a transitional period of three years Sally Dennis (neeTuffin) began designing for the company in 1987.   She continued to be Moorcroft’s only designer until 1993 when she and her husband left the Company.
In that same year Rachel Bishop joined Moorcroft’s at the age of 24 and remains with them to this day. 


William Moorcroft
William Moorcroft:
Director and Designer of his own Moorcroft Company from 1913 to 1945
 Walter Moorcroft
Walter Moorcroft:
Director and sole Designer of the Moorcroft Company from 1945 to 1984.  He did continue to create some designs until 1988.
Sally Tuffin
 Sally Tuffin:
 (This photograph was taken in 1965) Sally joined the Company in 1987.  She was Art Director from 1987 – 1993. 


Rachel Bishop
 Rachel Bishop:
 Joined the Company in 1993 as only the fourth Moorcroft Designer in 100 years. She remains with them to  this day.


In 1997 the now famous Design Studio was formed with Rachel Bishop as Senior Designer.  Initially there were eight Designers.  The Design Studio now comprises five members.  Rachel is joined by the following…….

Emma Bossons

Emma Bossons:
Joined the Company in 1996 and as a Designer she has now become very popular all over the world. 


Kerry Goodwin

Kerry Goodwin:
Began with Moorcroft as a Painter. She is now a renowned Designer and part of the Design Studio.

 Nicola Slaney
 Nicola Slaney:
 Joined theCompany in November 1997.   From 1998 She has been the leading Designer of Moorcroft  enamels.
 Vicky Lovatt

Vicky Lovatt:
Joined the Company in 1999 and formally became part of the Design Studio on the 1st September 2011