The Middle Years – Part Two



Walter Moorcroft Design - HibiscusThe Middle Years of Moorcroft Pottery History includes Walter Moorcroft
Walter Moorcroft was William’s son. He was born in 1917.  He had the option to continue his education at University or come into the business. Walter did not hesitate and started directly from school in 1935.  
The following four years were a vital period of development for him, giving him insight into every aspect of pottery design, manufacture and selling.  He became familiar with his father’s working methods and so, although he received no formal design or art education, he was able to produce his own experimental designs during the late 1930s.
Following a period of military service Walter was released on compassionate leave and subsequently demobilised when his father collapsed with a stroke in 1945.  He was able, because of his previous experience, to take immediate responsibility for the running of the factory.
During these middle years of the Moorcroft History Walter was able to put the Company on a sound financial footing and over the years, while still depending heavily on his father’s designs, he began to develop his own style.
Liberty’s maintained a financial interest until 1960 when they eventually offered their shares to the Moorcroft family on favourable terms.  
In 1962 John Moorcroft, Walter’s half brother, joined the company and because of his experience in business management took over primary responsibility for sales and marketing.  This was a great help to Walter who had run the business single-handed for seventeen years. In 1977 John became a Director.  
Walter Moorcroft was in charge at Cobridge for over forty years and throughout much of this time he was entirely responsible for every aspect of the factory’s production from design to distribution.  Under his control the factory has maintained its reputation as a small industrial studio pottery, relying largely on traditional skills and crafts.
Source:Moorcroft 1898 – 1993 .                          
               Author:  Paul Atterbury                                        
Pubslished by Richard Dennis & Hugh Edwards