Moorcroft Clocks

Moorcroft Clock - Bramble Revisited DesignIt is interesting to note that the word ‘clock’ comes from the Celtic words ‘clagan’ and ‘clocca’ meaning “bell”. 
The correct term for an silent instrument that does not have a bell mechanism is ‘timepiece’.  However generally today we use ‘clock’ for any type of clock
The clock is one of the earliest of human inventions.  Before the invention of the clock as we know it today sundials, candle clocks and water clocks were used to tell the time. 
Thanks to old church records we know that automated clocks were around in the 13th century.  Unfortunately none of those clocks survive today.
The art of clock making was developed differently by different Clockmakers.  They found that improving the accuracy and reliability of their clocks was a technical challenge.   This was also the case when they put their efforts into making smaller clocks.  
During 15th and 16th centuries clockmaking flourished and in 1656 the pendulum clock was invented.  
Naturally when navigating on the high seas the accuracy and reliability of clocks was paramount and this need stimulated the improvement of these qualities in clocks.  The pendulum clock would have been useless on a rocking ship, what seamen were looking for was a clock that lost less than about 10 seconds per day.  By 1761 this had become a reality when John Harrington produced a clock that was in error by less than 5 seconds over 10 weeks. 
Today we have any number of forms of clock, both analog and digital.  Moorcroft clocks are produced in the most elegant of forms and are especially distinctive because of the use of pottery which is decorated with some of the most famous of Moorcroft designs. 
Moorcroft Clocks

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