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Moorcroft Cafe Au Lait Side PlateThe definition of a plate is that it is ‘a broad, concave, but mainly flat vessel on which food can be served’. A plate ‘can also be used for ceremonial or decorative purposes’.

It is the latter definition that would best describe Moorcroft plates. Yes they can be used to serve food and Moorcroft does produce items that are especially designed as tableware, but many of their plates are so decorative that they are often used as display pieces.



William Moorcroft - Waratah Plate

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Moorcroft Small Plate - Signed S.Hayes 05/04/2000
  • Current Price: £25.90
  • Ends: Nov 18, 2018 20:02:24 UTC
Limited Edittion Moorcroft Tubelined Shallow Bowl / Plate
  • Current Price: £95.00
  • Ends: Nov 16, 2018 15:55:07 UTC
Moorcroft Morning Glory 1996  Year Plate
  • Current Price: £90.00
  • Ends: Nov 18, 2018 15:53:02 UTC
moorcroft pottery sunbird plate
  • Current Price: £155.00
  • Ends: Nov 19, 2018 13:09:15 UTC