Moorcroft Pottery




Moorcroft PotteryMoorcroft Pottery has been made for over 100 years since William Moorcroft began designing pieces for the Macintyre Company in 1897.
In 1913 he formed his own company and his wares soon began to be exported to many different parts of the world.   Today Moorcroft pottery is exported throughout the world.   Avid enthusiastic Collectors are not confined to the United Kingdom.  Moorcroft Pottery is loved and collected throughout the world.  
Follow the links below to discover what type of Pieces have been and are presently being produced by Moorcroft, e.g. vases, lamps etc. and the Designs that former and present Designers have made famous such as Florian Ware, Pomegranate and Queen’s Choice etc.
   Moorcroft Pomegranate Ginger Jar


 Moorcroft Anna Lily Clock